The safe and innovative procedure that creates the effect of full, natural looking brows.  Experience the most effective semi-permanent brow restoration procedure.

During the procedure, our Brow Specialist create the perfect brow shape utilizing numerous measuring and design techniques, and choose a natural hair stroke pattern to suit your unique features and preferences. Then, we use a precise, manual needle to insert pigment into the first layer of skin. The result is a natural, beautiful brow customized to each client that will naturally fade out over a period of 8 – 24 months.

Each stroke replicates real hair, and the end result is a brow that looks nearly identical to natural hair patterns. Microblading can create or redefine the shape of brows, fill in empty/sparse areas, thicken, extend, and create brows for clients who have lost all of their brow hair.


Wake up with perfect, full brows. Save yourself time every day.

Achieve a shape suited to your unique traits and individual style. Our Brow Specialist will help find your perfect brow.

Microblading is safe and works extremely well for clients who have suffered hair loss due to illness or other reasons.

(4-6 weeks after initial appointment)
(within 12 months of initial appointment)

The process of building a beautiful, natural brow.Here we combined Microblading AND Micropigmentation for the perfect blend#platinumesthetics #browsbykrystle #micropigmentation #microblading #medispa #permanentmakeup #brows

Posted by Platinum Esthetics: Luxury Salon & MediSpa on Wednesday, August 29, 2018