“Hello, my name is Jacqueline and I am 29 years old. I have struggled with acne since I was a teenager. I have tried over the counter cleansers, Clinique, Comfort Zone, Proactiv, Mary Kay and Dr. Murad’s Acne Complex. I would see brief results and then after a couple of months would break out worse than when I had started the previous ‘cure’.

This past year, I gave up spending my money on expensive mail order product and was using Neutragena’s Naturals line. I would frequently get the odd blemish and my acne scars remained. This winter took a huge toll on my skin. My skin was very dry, especially on my face. (This was odd for me as I believed I had oily skin because I break out so often.) My eyes became red, puffy and extremely itchy to the point where they were burning and blistering! My skin felt tight and looked ‘old’, for lack of a better word. I brought these concerns to Krystle and she did a Dermalogica skin analysis and facial on me. It was absolutely wonderful! She explained step by step what she was putting on my face and why. She listened to what was bothering me and offered suggestions for what might help. She made me feel very comfortable, safe and relaxed.

After the treatment she went through all the products she used on my face and eyes and came up with a prescription for me that I felt comfortable with. I didn’t feel any pressure at all from her. I have been using the PreCleanse, Dermal Clay Cleanser, Skin Hydrating Booster, Active Mositurizer and UltraSmoothing Eye Serum for 2 days now and my eyes no longer have that burning sensation! They don’t itch throughout the day and the red, swelling has gone down. They are beginning to feel soft to the touch again, along with my skin. I am looking forward to my follow up appointment next month where hopefully the moisture will be fully restored in my face again and Krystle can address my acne and scarring that I have struggled with for too long now!

Thanks Krystle!”
– Jacqueline D., Winnipeg, MB  (March 30, 2014)


beforeafterI just had my second facial with Krystle.  Once again I enjoyed every minute of it.  Krystle is one of those professionals with the ability to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and informed all at the same time.
Since my last visit, my daily skin routine has consisted of the dermal clay cleanser, microfoliant, skin hydrating booster, active moisturizer and the ultrasmoothing eye serum (all by dermalogica).  I also use the precleanse wipes to remove my makeup at the end of the day.
Krystle commented on my skin right away while assessing it under the light during my facial.  My skin is brighter (glowing actually), smooth and the wrinkles around my eyes GONE!  The years of acne scaring have completely gone down as well.  Krystle did not have to perform as many extractions this time around as my blackheads have drastically decreased too.
After my first facial, Krystle wanted me to go on the above mentioned skincare routine to restore the moisture back into my skin before dealing with my acne issues.  During this facial, Krystle talked about my acne and explained what the products she was putting on my face would do for me.  I was shocked to find out that the key to fighting acne was MOISTURE and not drying them out.  (No wonder I have been fighting acne my entire life!  I’ve been doing everything backwards.)
With Krystle’s expert advice, I have now added two more steps and three new products to my daily skincare routine and here’s the kicker, I DIDN’T HAVE TO BREAK THE BANK as these new products were all under $25. Krystle introduced me to dermalogica’s “Clear Start” acne line.  In the morning I use the “All Over Toner” and “Daytime Treatment” and in the evening, I again use the “All Over Toner” and “Overnight Treatment.”  I have to say, the Overnight Treatment is my favourite. In the morning, you can see that the redness from my pimples has decreased as well as the size of the pimple.
I’m looking forward to continuing my skincare routine and can’t wait until my next visit with Krystle when she looks at my skin again and sees a hydrated, acne free complexion.
– Jacqueline D., Winnipeg, MB  (July 25, 2014)


“My name is Joanne. I’m 32 years of age. Recently I had a baby and noticed that my current skin care regime was not cutting it. I noticed a drastic change in my skin post baby. It wasn’t only the hormonal changes but the lack of sleep, proper nutrition and stress that comes with raising these tiny bundles of joy! I saw tired looking skin. It was dry and lacked luster, I had more noticeable wrinkles and dreadful “mom bags” under my eyes! I felt as though my skin had aged a lot. On top of it all I had multiple unsightly blackheads on my chin and nose! My skin went from smooth and glowing to sad and sallow. I thought I was using the right products. Oil of olay combination skin foaming cleanser, benzoyl peroxide for those blackheads, ole Hendricks total truth eye cream and oil of Olay total effects seven in one moisturizer all twice a day.

After seeing and hearing Jacqueline’s drastic improvements I decided to talk to Krystle about my own skin. Let me tell you she is nothing short of amazing! She took the time to listen and ask questions during the skin analysis. Never once did I feel judged or criticized for my current practices. After, and to my surprise, she used the products on me explaining everything she was doing. Apparently I have been going about things all wrong. The first was a precleanse to remove makeup and oil. Who knew oil removed oil! A cleanser was next. Already I felt refreshed. But then the thing I dreaded the most needed to be done: the analysis under the light and magnifier! Krystle was very professional and made me feel comfortable throughout and it wasn’t as bad as I thought! She explained that more hydration is needed, especially around the eyes. And only some elasticity was lost but would improve quickly with the products.

After that she completed the customized regime demonstrating and explaining all the whys, whats, when’s and where’s we sat down and she handed me a mirror. I was shocked to see the immediate effects after only ONE use! I was excited to carry on and see what the results would be after a few weeks. With only one treatment my blackheads were gone! Life and luster were back to my skin. It felt amazing and looked smoother and tighter.  I was hooked!

My customized regime consists of: PreCleanse, AgeSmart Skin Resurfacing Cleanser, Daily Microfoliant, AgeSmart Antioxidant HydraMist, Total Eye Care with SPF15, and AgeSmart Dynamic Skin.  It may seem like a lot or a long process but completing all the steps takes no time at all!   I’ve only been using it for a few days and my skin has never thanked me more! I’m extremely happy that I switched to a professional line of products. You get what you pay for and the effects are instant!

I highly recommend visiting Krystle for a skin analysis and Dermalogica skin care products!”
– Joanne J., Oakbank, MB.  (August 1, 2014)



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